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Star Parking Malpensa - Shuttle - Aeroporto di Milano Malpensa - Scoperto

Via dell' Industria, 4

You need to leave your car keys in the car park! During the trip you don't have to worry about where to put them or have the thought of losing them! Also because it's not pleasant to come back from a trip and find yourself without keys! But don't worry, if you prefer to keep them with you, just pay a little extra directly at the parking lot. The Star Parking Malpensa car park is the right solution for you, if you are looking for a Lowcost car park at Milan Malpensa Airport, in Cardano al Campo. That's right, because with the free shuttle service, you will be comfortably at the airport in less than 5 minutes. And it doesn't matter if you go to Terminal 1 or Terminal 2: the shuttle will take you wherever you want! On the way there, the shuttle will take you as far as gate 17 of Terminal 1, which is the Malpensa T1 Departures. If you have to go to Terminal 2, you will be left at Malpensa T2 Departures... you can't miss them, they are right next to the pharmacy. What about the return journey? It's very simple. The shuttle will pick you up exactly where it left you before, so at T1 Departures or Malpensa T2 Departures. Just call ahead and you'll find a shuttle ready to take you back to the parking lot, right from your car. (Please do not be mistaken with Malpensa Arrivals!). Why choose Star Parking Malpensa? First of all it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; this means that you can leave your car whenever you want and come back to pick it up with extreme flexibility! And this is a great advantage... especially if your plane is late! But it doesn't end there! The parking lot is equipped with a video surveillance service, in addition to having qualified personnel always present! Your car will be pampered and safe throughout your stay ... and you can enjoy the trip in total tranquility! Star Parking Malpensa does not only take care of your car: the car park offers the additional service of packing with luggage film! This allows you to protect them during the trip and avoid those annoying damages generated by boarding in the hold! Nice, isn't it? If you're still not completely convinced... here's another very useful information that will help you decide: Star Parking Malpensa is equipped with insurance that protects the parking lot from any unpleasant unexpected event, whether it's damage, fire or theft. If you're wondering how to get to Star Parking Malpensa, it's very simple! If you are coming from Milan, take the SS336 highway of Malpensa and take the exit at Somma Lombardo. From here, proceed for about 3 km and you will reach the car park. So what are you waiting for? Book now your safe and guaranteed place on Star Parking Malpensa and fly to Milan Malpensa Airport, without the stress of having to look for a free parking for your car...and risk arriving late! Whether you're going on holiday or traveling for business, we have just the car park in Malpensa for you! Oh, we almost forgot: have a good trip!

Via dell' Industria 4

Кабина управления находится на левой стороне парковки.

Кабина управления находится на левой стороне парковки.

Точка сбора на обратном пути - для терминала Т1, ворота 17. Для терминала Т2 точка сбора находится рядом с аптекой.

Аэропорт находится в 6 минутах езды на автобусе-шаттле.

Star Parking Malpensa - Shuttle - Aeroporto di Milano Malpensa - Scoperto:


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