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Парковка Esquilino Parking

Via Giovanni Giolitti, 271/a
Об автостоянке
Please note that in this car park you have to leave your keys. This car park is located outside the ZTL (limited traffic zone). Don't confuse it with ES Park Giolitti Roma Termini. Car park near Roma Termini station, the MONDIAL Esquilino car park is one of the best options for parking in Rome, whether it's for parking in the centre and visiting the city by foot; or for planning a journey of a few days and parking your car close to the Roma Termini train station. The car park is on Via Giovanni Giolitti, which runs right past the station, but be careful as the direction of traffic changes in different parts of the road. Don't worry though, we are going to explain how to get there. The quickest route is to take Via Tiburtina from the Circonvallazione Nomentana or the Nuova Circonvallazione Interna. Follow Via Tiburtina and, when you get to Piazzale del Verano, stay on Via Cesare de Lollis and head straight. Go along Via del Ramni and in Piazzale Sisto V turn right onto Via Marsala. After a few metres, turn left and you will see the Sottopassaggio Pettinelli (underpass) and when you exit, turn left onto Via Giovanni Giolitti. Continue straight and you will find Esquilino car park. ;) Going back to the advantages of this car park, we were saying that it is perfect for leaving your car near Roma Termini, if you are off to catch a train, but that isn't all. Thanks to its location, you now have a great place to leave your car in the centre of the city, which you can head off to explore on foot. We want everything to run smoothly during your Roman adventure, so know that the car park has 24hr CCTV surveillance and is always under the watchful eye of a guard. In less than 10 minutes' walk you can arrive at various points of interest like the Santa Maggiore Basilica, San Eusebio Church, the Temple of Minerva Medica and the Santa Bibiana Church. Last but not least is the Ambra Jovinelli Theatre, which is very close. Next on the list is Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, where you will find the metro, line A, from Vittorio Emanuel station. So, if your feet need a rest, you can always hop on the metro which will take you to Piazza di Spagna, Villa Borghese park, Piazza della Repubblica and the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma in no time at all, as well as Piazza Barberini, close to Via Vittorio Veneto. Enjoy a walk through the streets of the Dolce Vita, where even your car will enjoy itself ;) We think that's all... No, wait! We couldn't leave without mentioning that the car park is only 20 minutes from that great Roman symbol, the Colosseum. The car park is accessible for people with reduced mobility and has a lift that takes you right up to the Nuovo Mercato Esquilino.Читать меньше
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Via Giovanni Giolitti, 271/a

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