APK2 Mercado de Pontevedra

Автостоянка в Rúa Serra, 5 - 36002. Понтеведра, Испания

APK2 Mercado de Pontevedra
Подходит для инвалидов Сервис 24 ч. Крытая автостоянка Автостоянка с максимальной высотой Охраняемая автостоянка
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APK2 Mercado de Pontevedra

Car park in Pontevedra, located beneath the central food market and a few metres from the River Lérez. The APK2 Mercado de Pontevedra car park is really close to the historic centre and the city's entertainment area, which makes it perfect for leaving your car and visiting sites, including the Royal Basilica of Santa María la Mayor, the Convent of San Francisco, the Main Theatre, the Parador and the Pontevedra Museum, all just 300 metres from the car park. Likewise, about 10 minutes walking from the APK2 Mercado de Pontevedra car park, you can find the Miguel Domínguez and the Pontevedra Provincial Hospitals, making it easy for you to park your car in this area if you need to access these medical centres - especially because the APK2 Mercado de Pontevedra car park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Also, the University City of Pontevedra is located across the river, but less than 15 minutes walking from the APK2 Mercado de Pontevedra car park. This area includes various schools, colleges, institutions and faculties, the University of Vigo and the Pontevedra University Campus, for example. Other points of interest to visit are the Municipal Stadium of Pasarón, the Pazo da Cultura, the Plaza de la Constitución, etc. The APK2 Mercado de Pontevedra car park is also a good option because it's easily accessible from nearby places, especially if you're coming from the Nacional 550 (N-550), the Nacional 541 (N-541), the 9 motorway (AP-9) or the PO-531.

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