Fly Parking Pisa H24 - Aeroporto di Pisa

Via Francesco de Pinedo, 1, 56121. Pisa, Italy.
Об автостоянке
The name of this car park will tell you everything you need to know (or almost): it is a parking lot near the Pisa Airport, open 24 hours a day. But there is something we need to add... and that is that FlyParking Pisa H24 is not only close to the airport, but it is located literally 100 meters from the terminal! This means that on the day of your trip, you will not have to lose time with shuttles, since you can park in the Pisa Airport without waiting and arrive at the terminal by walking only 3 minutes. FlyParking Pisa H24 is easy to find, since it is located just a few meters from the Autovía Florencia Pisa Livorno exit. The car park is uncovered, monitored and always has a worker present who is ready to welcome you in whatever moment, including if your flight leaves in the middle of the night ;)Читать меньше
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Открыто 24 ч.
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Vehicles with special luggage are not admitted (Surf board, ski equipment, bicycles).

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Via Francesco de Pinedo 1

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