SABA Plaza del Castillo

Автостоянка в Plaza del Castillo - 31001. Памплона, Испания

SABA Plaza del Castillo
Подходит для инвалидов Сервис 24 ч. Крытая автостоянка Автостоянка с максимальной высотой Охраняемая автостоянка


SABA Plaza del Castillo

Car park near the Pamplona Bullring. The Cathedral of St. Mary, St. Nicholas Parish and the Church of San Lorenzo are next to the car park. Navarra Museum and the Encierro Museum are just a few minutes away on foot, as are Castillo Square, the Monument to the Encierro, and the Gayarre Theatre. There are several bus routes nearby.

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  • Avenida San Ignacio 4

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Открыто 24 часа