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content_seo_title_parking QUICK Terracina - Mostra d'Oltremare di Napoli

Via Terracina, 189

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For any event in Naples for which you have decided to participate in, the answer for parking in Fuorigrotta could may well be the QUICK Terracina car park. This is a car park located Via Terracina, not far from the exit of the ring road, is perfect for parking near the Mostra d'Oltremare, which is the largest exhibition site in Naples! Thanks to this uncovered car park, you will be at less than a 5-minute walk from the Flegrea Arena, the Teatro Palapartenope, the Teatro Mediterraneo and the Palacongressi Oltremare. Have we forgotten anything? ;) (Actually, yes!) In addition, the QUICK Terracina allows you to park close to the San Paolo Stadium, which is a 15-minute walk away, so that you can enjoy a Napoli football game without having to worry about your car. This car park in the neighbourhood of Fuorigrotta is always guarded, so you can be sure your car will always remain safe in the QUICK Terracina car park. You will be able to enjoy your day (or evening) with complete peace of mind and only come back to pick up your car at the QUICK Terracina car park once you have finished what you wanted to do! Moreover, this car park in San Paolo can also be a good starting point to visit Naples, since from here, in about twenty minutes, you can reach the Campi Flegrei station in Naples, from where regional and suburban trains can take you quickly to the historic centre of Naples. To park in Mostra Oltremare it is no longer necessary to leave hours and hours before the event: all you need to do is book your parking space in the QUICK Terracina - Mostra Oltremare di Napoli!


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Via Terracina, 189
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