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Парковка Washington Parking

Via Costanza, 12
Об автостоянке
This parking lot is located inside the Area B or Limited Traffic Zone of Milan. For more information on how to park in Area B click here.
Area B is NOT a paid ZTL! At this car park, you must leave your car keys with the staff. During your trip to Milan, you can arrive comfortably to Washington Parking from the streets of Via Giorgio Washington, Via Sardegna or even Viale Misurata (SP11). Once you have arrived at the car park, you can leave your car safely in a quiet area, without having to give up parking in the centre of Milan, near its main monuments and points of interest! At about 10 minutes on foot from Washington Parking, you can reach the Nazionale CheBanca Theatre! In a 15-minute walk, you will find MUDEC, the Museum of Cultures, located on the street of Via Tortona and near the famous area of the canals of Navigli. This way, after spending your day at the museum, you can relax by taking a stroll in the area or going for a drink ;) If you don't know where to park in Milan, this covered and guarded car park near Via Washington will solve your problems! After, a few metres from the Washington Parking, is the bus top for line 61 and if you would rather take the metro, in a 10-minute walk, you can reach De Angeli metro station. This will take you in just a few minutes to Milan Cathedral, the Quadrilateral of Fashion, the Fairs of Milan, Sforzesco Castle, the Milan Cadorna train station and the district of the Porta Venezia... It's up to you to decide where yo start your adventure! Book a covered parking space in the Washington Parking, where you will be able to leave your car, motorbike or van with completed peace of mind :)
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Via Costanza, 12