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    Garage Gramsci - Monumentale

    Крытая (2.9m)
    8 мин. (498m)

    Autorimessa Arco della Pace

    Крытая (2.65m)
    13 мин. (806m)

    Garage Ferrucci

    15 мин. (896m)

    Cenisio Parking - Bullona

    18 мин. (1.1км)

    Sempione Parking

    19 мин. (1.1км)

    QUICK - Sempione COOP

    Крытая (2.1m)
    20 мин. (1.2км)

    Autosilo San Marco

    Крытая (2.1m)
    22 мин. (1.3км)

    S32 - Sassetti Parking

    Крытая (2.1m)
    26 мин. (1.5км)

    Autosilo Pola

    Крытая (3.5m)
    28 мин. (1.7км)


    Крытая (1.95m)
    29 мин. (1.7км)

    Garage Portello

    Крытая (2.5m)
    33 мин. (2.0км)

    Alfa Parking

    Крытая (3.2m)
    34 мин. (2.0км)

    Machiavelli Parking

    Крытая (2.1m)
    35 мин. (2.1км)


    Крытая (2m)
    35 мин. (2.1км)

    Garage Sammartini

    Крытая (3.15m)
    37 мин. (2.2км)

    Hub Parking Copernico - Stazione Centrale

    Крытая (3m)
    39 мин. (2.3км)

    MUOVIAMO Parking Senato

    Крытая (2.1m)
    39 мин. (2.3км)

    Carducci Parking

    Крытая (2m)
    40 мин. (2.4км)

    Nerino 6

    Крытая (3m)
    41 мин. (2.4км)

    Matteotti Parking

    Крытая (2m)
    41 мин. (2.4км)

Sarpi Parking

Via Messina 13
Об автостоянке
The car park is located very close to the Monumental Cemetery, the Steam Factory and the famous Byblos nightclub, as well as to various restaurants and shops. It is close to the Hermitage, Concoct Milano and Ming Hao hotels. The car park is monitored by CCTV and offers a car wash service. It is possible to buy tickets for Area C and public transport at the car park.Читать меньше
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Via Messina 13