Raffaello Parking

Парковка в Via Raffaello Sanzio 39 - 20149. Милан, Италия

Raffaello Parking
Подходит для инвалидов Сервис 24ч Крытая автостоянка Автостоянка с максимальной высотой Охраняемая автостоянка


Raffaello Parking

The car park is located right by Piazza De Angeli, Via Marghera and Corso Vercelli and 100m from the National Theatre. Located just outside Area C, meaning you don't have to buy a ticket to access the city centre. The area is very well-served by public transport.

Въезд на парковку

  • Via Raffaello Sanzio 39

Расписание парковки

Открыто 24 часа