Автостоянка в Via Giacomo Puccini, 5 - 20121. Милан, Италия

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Car park in the centre of Milan close to Cairoli. The Buonaparte car park offers you the chance to park close to the Sforzesco Castle in Milan, which you can get to in just 5 minutes walking and further along becomes the big and famous Parco Sempione, where you can visit the Milan Triennale, the Civic Arena and the Arc of Peace on Corso Sempione. Besides being located close to the Piazza Castello, the Buonaparte car park is ideal for parking in the historic centre of Milan. About 10 minutes walking from the car park, you can get to the Via Dante, Piazza Cordusio, Via Orefici, Piazza Mercanti, Piazza del Duomo (where the magnificent Duomo of Milan is located), Vittorio Emanuele Shopping Centre, Via Torino, Royal Palace, Novecento Museum and also the famous alla Scala Theater.

Near the Buonaparte car park, you'll also find the Verme Theater, the Archaeological Museum of Milan, the Trivulziana Library and the Cadorna train station of Milan, just 300 metres away, which belongs to Cairoli and Cadorna. From Cairoli, line M1 (red) passes by and arrives at the Fiera di Milano, Fiera di Rho and Via Montenapoleone, in the fashion district. From Cadorna, lines M1 line M2 (green) take you to Milan central station, Garibaldi Station in Brera, Lambrate station in Sant'Ambrogio and the famous Navigli area, with the Porta Genova. Parking in Milan in the Buonaparte car park is therefore perfect for any plans you have during your visit, since you can easily get around the whole historic centre and the whole city.

The Buonaparte car park, which is open 24 hours and video monitored, is very simple to find by car thanks to its location by the Foro Bonaparte, which surrounds the Piazza Castello; this car park also offers clients the chance to charge electric vehicles.

The Buonaparte car park is located inside Area C, or the Limited Traffic Zone of Milan. More info about how to park in Area C here.

By leaving your car at this car park, you can make the most of a daily discount on Milan’s Limited Traffic Zone (LTZ). You only have to pay 3 euros a day, right to the car park staff for every day that you drive within Area C.

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  • Via Giacomo Puccini, 5

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