AENA Aeropuerto de Girona-Costa Brava - General

Aeropuerto de Girona, 17185. Vilobí d'Onyar, España.
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Official car park of the Girona-Costa Brava Airport, located just a few metres from the terminal. To get to this car park, drive towards the airport on the Nacional 156 and go past two roundabouts until you arrive at the airport. It is divided by a main road, with the terminal on your right and the car park is on your left. There are four entrances to the car park and any of them may be used, but please remember that the entrance P1 is the outside area and is for vehicles 2.1 metres or higher. The AENA General car park boasts 3,600 spots within a closed building that's monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you're planning to travel from the Girona Airport, whether for a holiday or a shorter period, the AENA car park is perfect because it offers reservations for both short and long term stays. Likewise, if you have to pick-up and/or drop-off passengers at the Girona Airport, this official AENA car park is ideal, since it's located only a 1-minute walk away from the terminal, making it the closest car park there is! Plus this car park includes an area for vehicles taller than 2.1 metres. So guarantee your parking spot at the Girona Airport with the AENA General car park, an official lot that has low prices as well as the the possibility to recharge your battery.Читать меньше
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Aeropuerto de Girona (Entrada 1)

Aeropuerto de Girona (Entrada 2)

Aeropuerto de Girona (Entrada 3)

Aeropuerto de Girona (Entrada 4)

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