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    Fortezza - Stazione Fiera

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    QUICK Via Gozzoli - Villa Strozzi

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    Parking Duomo

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    Garage Verdi

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    Garage dei Tintori

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Парковка Fortezza - Stazione Fiera

Viale Filippo Strozzi, 13
Об автостоянке
What's better than going on a trip and being able to go all the way to the station in the comfort of your own car? No need to catch a bus or metro with all your luggage and the uncertainty of not knowing whether you'll arrive on time or not. If you are leaving from Florence, you no longer need to search for parking at the Santa Maria Novella railway station as you can book your parking space in FIRENZEPARCHEGGI - Fortezza - Stazione Fiera. It's a 24-hour car park, so no matter what time your train leaves or what time you arrive in Florence: you'll never have to adapt your schedule to fit around the car park hours. If you're coming for an event, take a stroll around Fortezza da Basso where you'll find the Florence Fair, a very popular venue for congresses and events, before arriving in the historic centre of Florence, just a 15-minute walk from the car park. Also, the car park is covered and guarded near the centre of Florence. This is why whether you have to catch a train at the station or you're simply there as a tourist or for an event in Florence and you want to be close to the centre without getting stuck in unnecessary traffic jams, the FIRENZEPARCHEGGI - Fortezza - Stazione Fiera car park is a great option for you to leave your car.Читать меньше
Рабочие часы
Открыто 24 ч.
Как въехать

AT YOUR ARRIVAL IN CAR PARK: enter via the left lane which is NOT reserved for TELEPASS. To open the gate, type the 7-digit code on the left side of your reservation form, press the button to confirm and then collect the ticket. This ticket must have the same 7-digit code as the one indicated on your reservation form. If the code is not identical, reverse with the car so that the barrier goes down and repeat the process. Then park in any free space.

TO EXIT: use the ticket you took at the entrance which includes your reservation number.

If you need help getting in or out, call the intercom at the gate and give the 7-digit code (on the top left of your reservation form) to the staff, or your Parclick reservation code (located on the top right of your reservation form).

Your PASS does not allow multiple entries and exits, but only ONE ENTRANCE and ONE EXIT.

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Viale Filippo Strozzi, 13

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Very closed to station and center.

Parcheggio comodissimo, con molti posti situato in posto comodo, molto luminoso. La cosa che sistemarei è l'ascensore mi è sembrato un po cigolante.Читать меньше