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    Porta al Prato - Stazione Leopolda

    Крытая (2m)
    4 мин. (238m)

    Fortezza - Stazione Fiera

    12 мин. (735m)

    Garage Excelsior - Santa Maria Novella

    15 мин. (880m)

    MUOVIAMO Giglio - Viale Corsica

    16 мин. (934m)

    QUICK Via Gozzoli - Villa Strozzi

    Крытая (3.4m)
    18 мин. (1.1км)

    MUOVIAMO Giglio - Car Valet - Stazione Santa Maria Novella

    20 мин. (1.2км)

    QUICK - Garage Centrale

    Крытая (2.5m)
    22 мин. (1.3км)

    MUOVIAMO Giglio - Santa Maria Novella

    Крытая (3.25m)
    23 мин. (1.4км)

    Garage Sant'Orsola

    Крытая (3.4m)
    24 мин. (1.5км)

    Garage Tornabuoni

    Крытая (2.4m)
    25 мин. (1.5км)

    Garage San Gallo

    Крытая (1.9m)
    28 мин. (1.7км)

    Garage Michelangelo

    Крытая (2.4m)
    29 мин. (1.7км)

    Garage Lungarno

    Крытая (2.1m)
    30 мин. (1.8км)

    Garage Aeroporto - Via di Novoli

    Крытая (2.9m)
    34 мин. (2.0км)

    Garage Aeroporto - Shuttle - Aeroporto di Firenze Peretola

    Крытая (2.9m)

    Garage Aeroporto - Shuttle - Stazione Santa Maria Novella

    Крытая (2.9m)
    34 мин. (2.0км)

    Garage del Bargello

    Крытая (4m)
    35 мин. (2.1км)

    Garage Palazzo Vecchio

    Крытая (2.9m)
    35 мин. (2.1км)

    Parking Duomo

    Крытая (2.5m)
    35 мин. (2.1км)

    Florence Parking Fiesolana

    Крытая (2.7m)
    37 мин. (2.2км)

Парковка Garage Florentia

via Ponte Alle Mosse n. 45/a
Об автостоянке
The CAR rates only apply to small- and medium-sized vehicles (maximum length 3.9m). For vehicles like SUVs and minivans, you will have to reserve with the VAN rates (minimum length 4m and maximum 5m). Car park in Florence, close to the Santa Maria Novella train station, which is also the main city station. The Garage Florentia car park is very close to the historic center of the city, although it’s outside of the LTZ (limited traffic zone) of Florence. So you won’t have any problem when accessing the Garage Florentia car park, which you can get to from the Via del Ponte alle Mosse, which leads directly to the bypass of Florence (State Highway SS67). The Garage Florentia car park is great option for parking only 10 minutes walking from the Santa Maria Novella Station, as well as the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. In 15 minutes walking, you can arrive at the Biennale de Florencia and the Fiera de Florencia, located inside the Fortezza da Basso. In just 5 minutes walking from the Garage Florentia car park, you’ll find the Porta al Prato station, Opera Theater of Florence, Music Auditorium and the great Parque delle Cascine. Parking in Florence is no longer a problem thanks to the Garage Florentia car park, which is about 20 minutes walking to the historic center of the city, where the Florence Duomo is located. However, if you prefer to get around the city by public transport, a few steps from the Garage Florentia car park, you’ll find the T1 tram stop, which gets you close to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Campanile de Giotto, Baptisterio de San Giovanni, Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Plaza della Repubblica and the Plaza della Signoria with the Vecchio Palace and the Loggia dei Lanzi. Parking at the Garage Florentia car park will also bring you close to the shores of the Arno River, which you can cross to get to the Oltrarno area and visit the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine and the Brancacci Chapel. Park in Florence in complete security, thanks to the Garage Florentia car park and its 24-hour constant video surveillance, which also has electric vehicle recharging and a car washing service.Читать меньше
Рабочие часы
по 07:00 - 13:00
16:00 - 20:00
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Via del Ponte alle Mosse 45

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Tresa Marie

We had to wait 45minutes for drop off and 10 at pickup. only good for long term parking.Читать меньше