SABA Aeroporto di Brindisi Top & Comfort - P1

Автостоянка в Aeroporto di Brindisi (P1) - 72011. Бриндиси, Италия

SABA Aeroporto di Brindisi Top & Comfort - P1
Подходит для инвалидов Сервис 24 ч. Крытая автостоянка Охраняемая автостоянка
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SABA Aeroporto di Brindisi Top & Comfort - P1

Car park at the Salento Airport, also known by the name Brindisi – Papola Casale Airport. The SABA Aeroporto del Salento Top & Comfort (P1) car park is the official car park of the Salento Airport, making it the best option if you’re looking for parking at the Salento Airport, since you can get to the airport terminal in just 1 minute walking!

If you’re looking for an easy and quick way to park at the Brindisi Airport, the P1 car park is just what you need, since you can park without delay and just a few steps from the terminal to catch your flight from the Salento Airport without wasting a minute of your time. Due to the large number of people that fly every day from the Brindisi Airprot, a good option to not lose time finding parking is to book a parking spot at the SABA Aeroporto del Salento Top & Comfort (P1) car park, so you know that your spot is reserved upon your arrival, so you can leave your car before walking to the departures terminal.

The P1 car park at the Salento Airport is open 24 hours, so you can drop-off and pick-up your car at any time, thanks to the staff at the car park offices every day from 8:00 to 24:00. If you need assistance outside of this schedule, you can make use of the intercom to contact remote operators, available 24/7. Park at the Brindisi Airport and travel with complete peace of mind, knowing that your car is in good hands at the SABA Aeroporto del Salento Top & Comfort (P1) car park, which also offers constant video surveillance. Booking your parking spot at the Salento Airport has never been so easy and practical thanks to the SABA Aeroporto del Salento Top & Comfort (P1) car park.

  • Доступно для терминалов: T1

  • Время до терминала: 1 мин по T1 пешком

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Координаты: 40.657669390029, 17.937775992959.

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