Il Pinguino - Shuttle Aeroporto e Porto di Bari - SCOPERTO

Via Vincenzo Bellini,, 70132. Bari, Italy.
Об автостоянке
Are you going on holidays but you don't know where to leave your car? Do you want to leave your car near the airport but you don't wish to pay a fortune? Then, the parking II Pinguino - Aeroporto di Bari - SCOPERTO is your best option. This car park offers you a low-cost service, available 24h, it is completely guarded and uncovered. However, without doubt, our favourite aspect of this car park is its free shuttle service. In only 7 minutes, you can get to the airport and be ready to go. It's that easy! On top of all this, if you're looking for a car park adapted for electric cars, II Pinguino . Aeroporto di Bari - SCOPERTO is also the right place for you. This way, you won't have to worry about your car being without battery. At last, this car park is adapted for people with reduced mobility. A shuttle service to the port of Bari! On the other hand, if you want to park near the port, II Pinguino - Aeroporto di Bari - SCOPERTO also offers a free shuttle service, that will in only 9 minutes, bring you near the port of Bari. In this case, the pick-up point when you return from your cruise can either be Terminal CROCIERE or Terminal TRAGHETTI. In addition, this low-cost car park is next to the Capricciolandia amusement park and very close to the Stadio della Vittoria. This car park has it all! Book now your place for your car or motorbike at Il Pinguino - Aeroporto di Bari - SCOPERTO.Читать меньше
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Открыто 24 ч.

Из 00:00 по 23:59.

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T17 min
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Пожалуйста, приезжайте на автостоянку заранее. Учтите, что процесс регистрации, начиная от парковки на стоянке, подтверждения бронирования и до посадки на автобус до аэропорта, займет приблизительно 5 мин.

Припаркуйте свой автомобиль и обратитесь в офис обслуживания клиентов, чтобы подтвердить свое бронирование.

Расположение будки обслуживания клиентов: control booth located inside the car park.

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Как только вы получили свой багаж, позвоните на автостоянку, чтобы запросить трансфер. Во время разговора сотрудник подтвердит для вас место встречи в терминале аэропорта. Номер телефона автостоянки будет предоставлен после того, как вы сделаете заказ.

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A supplement of €6 will be charged due to the nightly rate, between 00:00 AM and 5 AM.

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