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Enam 70 - Sagrada Familia

Carrer dels Enamorats, 70
Об автостоянке
You probably would never have imagined that parking in the centre of Barcelona could be an easy task. Luckily, at Parclick we are in charge of solving these types of problems, by making parking in Barcelona a piece of cake for you. Now you can park your car in the Enam 70 - Sagrada Familia car park, right in the centre of Barcelona. It's a covered and guarded car park right in the centre of Barcelona, so it would be a great option for you if you're coming to see some sights with your car and you don't want to leave it on the street during your stay, as you won't have to waste time looking for parking or worrying about any mishaps that could happen if you leave it on the street. Also, you will be able to leave or enter the car park as many times as you want with the multi-entry remote control that they give you on arrival. This way, you can go to the outskirts of Barcelona once you've seen the centre to experience a change of scene from the most touristic parts of the city! If all of that is not enough, it's a 24-hour car park, so once you've parked, you will be able to move your car as and when you want. We can't forget everything that is near the Enam 70 - Sagrada Familia car park. Just ten minutes walking distance from the car park entrance, you have the Sagrada Família and the Plaza de Gaudí, two must-see places in Barcelona. Just 7 minutes from the car park you have the La Monumental bullring, and just 5 minutes away you have the Avinguda Diagonal, one of the main streets of the city with plenty of shops and things to visit ;)Читать меньше
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